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Assalamu alaikum (Peace be upon you)

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

From time to time, we hear in the news that somebody made a drawing of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and so many muslims around the world got angry, complained and didn't like it. some of you (non-muslims) may ask "Why muslims are so sensitive? it's just a drawing. it could be anyone" or "Why when we draw somebody else, no one complains and when we draw Mohammed, all Muslims don't like it?" and so many other questions. here I'll try to make it clear for those who want to know why we get angry when our prophet is drawn.

first, I want you to know that representing our prophet in art is not the real problem. we, muslims, don't draw our prophet, out of respect. because no matter how good the artist is, he can never depict the prophet like he was. so the drawing will never be faithful. so it's considered a lie about the prophet (since the drawing is different from how he really looked like). and we are not allowed to lie about our prophet. so muslims can't draw or represent the prophet (our prophet or any other prophet)
there are some muslims who have a different opinion. they think that representing the prophet is not forbidden as long as the representation is respectful and not insulting. those muslims try to make a respectful representation of the prophet(s) in their art. this can be accepted as long as it doesn't offend anyone.

now for non-muslims. we can't expect from them to respect our prophet the way we do. but what we see from time to time, is that some people depict the prophet Mohammed.
the real question is : "Why is it that all these depictions are always done for the purpose of insulting the prophet and Islam?" "why they always want to make fun of him and show him in a bad way?" "why we don't see any respectful drawings of the prophet done by non-muslims? why all of them are disrespectful?" it's obvious, all those who draw the prophet want to insult him and Islam. there is no muslim who complains about respectful drawings of the prophet. but when someone draws our prophet in a shameful way to make fun of him or link him to terrorism, making him as an ugly cartoon character or something like that, we don't like it. and we have the right no to like it. if someone insults your father, will you like it? if you love your father, you'll certainly not. then know that our prophet is dearer to us than our fathers.

We muslims don't draw and make fun of any religious symbols either ours or not. you can't find any disrespectful drawing of Jesus Christ, Moses, Buddha or any other religious person drawn by muslims. we don't make fun or insult other people's beliefs. we respect everyone's belief. and we ask the same from others: respect our belief and religious symbols.

we don't like when someone insults our beloved prophet and calls it freedom of speech. everyone is free to express his opinion considering that he/she respects the beliefs of others and doesn't offend them. most people confuse between "hate speech" and "freedom of speech". what we see in the media is hate toward Islam. those people who draw the prophet didn't even bother to read a little about him and his life. we have in Islam some very good descriptions of how the prophet looked like. and all those disgusting drawings are far from that description because those who drew them don't know anything about Islam. and when we complain, they answer that this is freedom. Is insulting others freedom? is making fun of others' beliefs freedom? is spreading hatred freedom? is spreading lies and war freedom? this is wrong. totally wrong. why? there are so many ways how you can express your opinion with others without hurting and offending them. there are so many civilized ways to disagree with others. and still letting them like you and respect you. if you want to talk about our prophet. it's fine. but don't spread baseless lies to fool people.

another thing to notice. those people who draw bad drawings to insult the prophet Mohammed, all of them share the same thing: they like to insult others when they feel weak. you may ask why I say so? it's simple, go and enter in a debate with any one of them to explain the truth and you see how low their language can go. this shows that those people are the worst of the worst (we shouldn't call them artists since an artist has a high duty and message and should spread peace and not hate)

There is one proverb that says "no one will kick a dead dog" if you are not important, nobody will bother to bring you troubles. but if you are important, people will try their best to bring you down. if Mohammed peace be upon him was not great, no one would bother to try to insult him. but since he is one of the greatest men in history (some of you may disagree about this. but let's face facts. a man who wins the hearts of more than a billion people around the world is a great man. right?). there are so many people who tried/try/will try uselessly to bring down his reputation by spreading lies and insults. this doesn't happen simply because his love is always lit in the hearts of millions of muslims around the world. those who draw insulting drawings of the prophet get some attention and hate in a short time and then they will always end up forgotten by the world. and in the end, the prophet Mohammed still keeps the same high place in the heart of those who love him. look at all great artists in history. they drew subjects far from hate. and that's what made them famous and great.

There are limits to freedom. and its limits are when you insult other people's freedom, rights and faiths. you have the right to express your opinion but without offending others. when you learn and understand this, you will be a great human being. when you insult others whenever you open your mouth, nobody will like you and nobody will listen to you seriously... as an artist, you can choose a peaceful way to spread your message and be loved by the people... or a hateful way to spread it and get hate from the people...

May God bless you,

Assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you)
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kevinlowl Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I can't. Freedom of speech is absolute.

Here's Muhammad's sexyface on Aisha's ninth birthday: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
annebeck58 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016
To Kaston56.. 
I am always amazed at people who say things such as, "Islam has the Jihad", as it is means war or has anything to do with war.  Neither is true.
Jihad, the word, means, "struggle", and has to do with the inner struggle to remain faithful, particularly in difficult times.  You could have found this out by doing a quick search in any engine.  But, it seems you'd rather continue furthering the lies about Islam, than to learn any truth.

To the OP;  thank you.  I learned a lot.
kaston56 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 11, 2015  Student Artisan Crafter
Ok.  "religion of peace".  Most/All mainstream religions say the same.  BUT! history shows differently!  Islam has the Jihad.  "Kill all infidels!!! We're #1!!"  Christianity had the Inquisition.   "Kill all who won't convert, or who has heretical thoughts/beliefs  We're #1!!"   Communism has the "Kill/imprison all who dares to have individual thoughts. We're #1"  Everybody picked on the Jews. But they went around taking over the countryside in the Old Testament. "God has commanded it!  Kill all who won't convert and be circumsized! We're #1!! ( I have no clue about the history of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto etc. So I leave them out of this....But i'm sure they feel they are #1 as well.)

So everybody is #1.  Everybody kills or picks on others because their beliefs/Godhead says so.  Because they feel other people are different.  Guess what?  We appear to be exactly alike.  Our G/gods just don't get along.
GrimmLo Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
" we don't make fun or insult other people's beliefs. we respect everyone's belief. and we ask the same from others: respect our belief and religious symbols." a quote from you, this I call BS, people are BEHEADED from not believe what you believe. I have lost friends to your belief's "respect". All I have seen from your faith is hatred and violence. Your holy book even praises those who kills non-believers. You are even told that you will be blessed to LIE to non-believers. And I know all this will be disputed that I am wrong and ignorant or what every your crap excuses are. You religion breeds murderers and that is it... I have not ones experienced love or tolerance from one of you guys unless its someone following your ways... Stop with the excuses and just tell it like it is, is double sided. You expect respect and tolerance but are not even willing to give it your selves. 

If you guys wants respect then you need to start GIVING some. That is how it works. Stop cutting peoples heads off and killing the innocent, like children. 
russianbear54 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
In my opinion, if you don't like something then don't look at it.  You have no business telling people who aren't in your religion what to do and what not to.  If someone is crawling into your windows with their agenda or propaganda and not letting you live then yeah, that's harassment and stalking.  Anything else is freedom of speech and expression.   No one is forcing you to see anything that you don't like.  I'm under the impression that the Quran advocates violence and/or ill will toward non-believers, which is also very offensive, but *your* freedom of speech is paramount. 
grimjack-13 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And thus another Islamic claim that it's customs are superior to the customs of non-believers. Therefore all others must bow to their religious interpretation, their customs.
And if they don't...
coolspeak1 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
I have a couple of comments I'd like to make on this subject.  I read FullWhiteMoon say that if he found flaws in Islam, he would find something better.  Yet from what I have heard a Muslim is not allowed to convert to another religion, and in fact be killed if he or she were to try to convert.  If I am wrong concerning this, then please correct me.  FullWhiteMoon also says at the end time, all Muslims will follow Jesus. If this is in fact what you believe then that were to imply that Jesus is in fact the true path to Gods' salvation.  FullWhiteMoon says in his postings that killing over a drawing in against the teachings of Islam,  then please speak up and tell your fellow Muslims to stop killing because they feel their prophet has been insulted.  There is one this I find correct in what Muslims say about God. and that is that he is Great.   In fact God is much greater than we can even Imagine. But to hear radical Muslims yell out that God is Great in the process of commiting atrocities, I find to be blasphemous.  God is Love, not Hate.    ps.  I am not an artist, would not draw Mohammed nor have any interest in doing so. 
coolspeak1 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
hello FullWhiteMoon!   checking to see if this posting goes through. 
ApostleOfFreedom Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
Why don't Muslims get all bent out of shape and outspokenly offended when someone draws Jesus?  He is a prophet in Islam after all! 

I have a feeling that people choose things to get offended about.  They get a good feeling from knowing that they're doing the right thing and behaving morally, and getting offended at things is one of the ways they get their psychological fix.  It isn't good to meditate on feeling offended or angry because of what goes on in the world as it becomes a mental habit, and if you're going to form mental habits it's better to meditate on compassion, love and forgiveness.  Thousands of years and humanity still hasn't learned.

\\ Disagreement:  The right not to be offended has disastrous consequences! //
I disagree profoundly on where you place the limits of freedom, and I find it a little disturbing that your focus seems to be on your perceived right not to be offended without any critical analysis of the inherent problems that follow from encoding that in to law.  Given what the state has done despite laws against surveillance of the public without just cause, would you trust them with the power to decide who has been egregiously offensive to the point of deserving punishment?  It wouldn't be long before that power was abused for political ends.  It is far better to encourage wisdom in society so that people choose freely not to cause offence if they can at all help it; it's also important to note that the vast majority of people are not drawing and/or insulting the prophets just the same as the vast majority of Muslims are not shooting, blowing up, or otherwise killing people for any reason. 

While I'm sure many Muslims consider it a lie to depict the prophet, I'm also quite sure that you got this notion from other Muslims rather than from reading the Qur'an or the Hadiths.  There is no universal agreement in the Muslim world on this issue. 

Things should be kept in proportion; imagine if all those demonstrating for either side of this issue decided to club together to house the poor and feed the hungry instead of wasting their breath trying to convince each other of a non-issue.  The next time someone utters the phrase "I'm offended" you should promptly reply with "I'm an adult".  All the conflict is at the extreme ends of belief whether it's militant Atheists railing against fundamentalist Christians or Sunnis and Shiites blowing each other up over the most extraordinarily minute differences in theology.  Thousands of years and humanity still hasn't learned.
ApostleOfFreedom Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
Why don't Muslims get all bent out of shape when someone draws Jesus?  He is a prophet in Islam after all! 

Many Christians are offended by unflattering and insulting depictions of Jesus yet there are no masked avengers gunning people down, and that's the heart of the matter really.  The majority of insulting depictions of Muhammad are done in response to the vile behaviour of some of his followers.

"There are limits to freedom. and its limits are when you insult other people's freedom, rights and faiths." You're basically suggesting that you should have a right not to be offended here, your freedom and rights aren't being violated when someone upsets your sensibilities or insults your faith. 

"you have the right to express your opinion but without offending others."  No, you have the right to express your opinion, however stupid or offensive it might be.  You should have the wisdom not to go out of your way to needlessly insult others, and this attitude should be held as a high value in our societies!  The moment you make it law you open up the road to oppression and tyranny where people who have offended are at the mercy of a state in possession of the legal means to silence anyone they're ideologically opposed to.

"when you insult others whenever you open your mouth, nobody will like you and nobody will listen to you seriously..."  So, why are Muslims so offended by lousy cartoons if they're not taking it seriously?  Why are people being killed in Allah's name if it isn't being taken seriously? 

God bless you, and peace be upon you also my friend. :)
naz50 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
I agree yes because he is great that is why some people is interested to blame him instead of leaving him in peace, maybe a mental problem or whatever,to have peace in mind is the most important for a person to do and let others worship whatever their religion.The inteligent way is not to Jump over mud so much one day it will put yourself in trouble. LIVE AND LET LIVE IN PEACE.
GanHOPE326 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
For me, the issue with defining "freedom of speech" is simply that it's not so easy to decide to abolish something because it offends someone. Because everyone can be claimed to be offended by something: for example a politician may claim he's offended by a person saying he's an ass and an incompetent, but that is something that people needs to be able to say, for if you can't criticize politicians then how can you stop them from doing their work badly? Now, one principle that is important in Western culture (and I stress this because I'm not sure how well you know it, it is the same as for me with Islam after all) is that law has to be fair. Law in Europe doesn't come from religious authorities and hasn't for a long time - already in the Middle Ages, even when the Church was very powerful, the Holy Roman Emperor would affirm his independence from it. So we have a sophisticated philosophy of how law should be structured, and as the philosopher Kant said - a system of ethics only makes sense if you can apply it to everyone and still works. So when defining freedom of speech, if we were to force people not to say things that are hateful or offensive, then we would end up not being able to say anything of relevance at all, because all criticism offends someone, even when it's right and it should be said.
So you should keep this in mind - freedom of speech doesn't mean we think everything that is said is necessarily GOOD. I think even Nazis should be able to say what they think - I hate those ideas but I don't want them to be censored, I want them to be said so that we can talk back to them and criticize them and even laugh at them if they're so ridiculous they don't deserve anything more. It's not about what's good or bad, it's just that we don't think any judge has the right to decide to shut a person up, because you never know where wisdom will come from. Most people won't offend muslims or other religions on purpose, like you say you do. And that's fine. But some will go out of their way to do it. It's a limited minority, but it's not like there are not muslim minorities that do deprecable things out of spite for non-muslims. And most of the time even when they're offensive they're not trying to hurt people, but trying to make a point. You can try to understand that, or just ignore it, but there are eight billion people on this planet - what you'll never obtain is to have everyone agree with you and be ready to please you all the time. In fact, someone will set up to piss you off just because you're so easy to get angry at it. The only wise response to this is to ignore such provocations; I can't see value in escalating conflict, nor anything gained. Are these people disrespecting your God? Well, serves them right, they're going to Hell for it, right? What's the point in doing more? If someone insults my father, as you say, I might get angry and insult him back, but I won't beat him up if there's no other reason. It's pointless. What's an insult? It's just a word. It's not worth fighting and hurting for. And if you think a person is too stupid or unreasonable to be talked with, then just leave them be. They'll get tired of insulting you if you don't even answer back.
nxumalosic Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
and if people draw images of your prophet you kill them right? That says the lot about that desert warrior, your loved mohamed. Kill and as you do so shout "Allahu Akbar". That is what your folk do and that is what they like and enjoy doing. Oh....i almost forgot to say good for you it looks you are on course to conquer europe with the age of the sword.
TheWritersNotebook Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, I just wanted to know why South Park can't show mohammed and I find all this?
Anyway, I kind of agree with some things you're saying, but with other things I disagree.
I agree with the fact that freedom of speech shouldn't mean you can just insult others if you want to: that is cruel and wrong, and shouldn't be called freedom of speech. If you allow people to mindlessly insult others, than that is freedom of insulting and that shouldn't exist.
However, I think saying drawing Mohammed in the 'wrong' way is insulting isn't right. I know it shouldn't be right to just draw whatever you want, and I understand some people may take offense of it, but nobody actually means to insult your faith and you and everyone else out there KNOWS it. When knowing nobody means harm, there shouldn't be such a big deal.
Also, It's kind of bad how you can care more about a dead profit (is that how you write it? sorry) then about your own father. Sure, you should care in the man who has changed your life (hopefully for the better), but isn'tit actually a thing that your family should be respected by you and imporant to you? I'm not sure if that's actually what you're faith says, but I do think it is... You can correct me if I'm wrong, I don't mind learning something new.
I mean, if you care more about a man who you didn't even personally know than about your own father, it's just a little bit weird (I really don't mean to insult anyone, it can be how you feel and I totally understand it if it is, everyone has different feelings, I'm just expressing my thoughts here). I mean, if I go around saying: "You know, I care more about Micheal Jackson than I care about my mother (untrue, just making an example.... probably a sucky one)" than people would start yelling and telling me how wrong that is.
However, don't take me wrong. I do understand that showing mohammed in a way to just joke about him can be very offensive. I was just really wondering WHY it's so offensive because when it comes down to it he was just a person like veryone else, even if he might have done some special things.
nerevars Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Other than there will be no one who can draw him right that someone will think that someone else depicted on the drawing is him which is a lie and lead to confusion. Prophet Muhammad PBUH don't want anyone to draw him because people (muslim) could idolize him and forgetting their God.
MiraKHall Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Just because someone insults my mother doesn't mean I have the right to kill someone on the spot.

I'm sorry, but responding to ANYTHING with violence is not okay, and like it or not, no one is protected from being insulted, no matter how wrong they may be.  Just because a written law from centuries ago is declared law doesn't mean every free-willed human being is going to follow it without a little bit of worldly education, something we lack terribly in the U.S., I ll admit :X (thank goodness for community college).  A picture of a prophet, flattering or not, is nothing to be concerned about, and just as easily ignorable as turning off the TV... or not bother watching South Park anymore.  If the prophet WERE to be reborn in one form or another and then killed on the spot by non-believers, I think that would be justifiable demand for restitution.  It's like mucking up the oceans with new-found underground oil once more after cleaning up the previous mess BP left.

If you believe that the prophet drawn as a terrorist is not the true prophet at all, isn't it all that really matters?  Isn't denouncing false statements just as powerful as declaring your shahada?
Very-Random-Name Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
"There are limits to freedom. and its limits are when you insult other people's freedom, rights and faiths."

I disagree. The ability to speak in a way that some view as insulting (barring slander and fraud) is part and parcel of the right to free speech. And it happens all the time. Books are published all the time that people find insulting to thier faith. That sort of open dialogue is important in a society.
vanpablo79 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
a dead pedophile warrior is more important to you than your father.
religion is an insult to humanity.
StrixCZ Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
"There are limits to freedom. and its limits are when you insult other people's freedom, rights and faiths."

The tricky part of this is: Where do you make the line between what's considered insulting and what is not? :idea:

It's always in your head, depending strictly on how touchy you are.

One way or another, reacting to or getting mad about someone making fun of what you consider forbidden to be made fun of doesn't help anything. Even in cases where's it's quite clear that someone's not just "harmlessly joking" but he's actually trying to spread hate - reacting to hate means spreading more hate so you getting angry about it is just what he's aiming for, don't you understand...?

Moreover, since you consider people who make fun of Mohammed or portray him in a disrespectful way "worst of the worst", I wonder why you even care about opinions and actions of such people? Seems like they're not "dead dogs" to you after all - because your caring about them and getting mad because of what they say and do is the single most important thing that makes them noticed and in a way - famous.

Doransig Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
So I'm not particularly sure what kind of action you want taken against these people who draw images you don't like.
Yes, I agree with you that drawing something to intentionally offend people is bad, but what can be done? You have not stated what kind of consequences these people should face (if any).
Jillmichelle Featured By Owner Edited Jan 8, 2015  Student Interface Designer
Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Also, it seems that these extremist Muslims expect Westerners to fully understand their culture while they are not understanding ours. These published cartoonists aren't trying to incite violence. They are expressing their frustration in a non-violent manner. Muslims or anybody can draw any type of image of Jesus and I wouldn't be angry. I'd actually be interested to try and explain more articulately why I believe in him or I would ignore their ignorance completely. Violence would not be a consideration.
TeamPossible Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
Nice article!
ladysugarquill Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I liked your article. I'm a Christian, and I too am annoyed at people being disrespectful assholes and then hiding behind "freedom of speech". Yes, they're free to be assholes. But we're free to call them on their assholyness (is that a word? Well, now it is XD).
jiehahnajihah Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010  Student General Artist
i love this!
EvlNabiki Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
Everything in Islam has a reason for telling us to do so and so. Some reasons are glaringly obvious. Some of them require a wee bit of thinking. Some reasons us humans have yet to uncover. But nevertheless, there is a reason. Why we are forbidden to have art of the Prophet {PBUH} also has a very simple reason in hindsight, though the conclusion may be a bit hard to reach when one thinks of it for the first time. Humans are fickle creatures. Our thinking gets twisted from time to time, and when some types of traditions, such as religious ones are passed down, there is a big risk of them being slightly changed each time, so that the end result is the like the one for a game of chinese whispers: extremely convoluted. Now suppose someone was able to capture the Prophet's likeness {PBUH}, nevermind the fact that no one can. From one generation to the next, that painting will be passed down, and revered, as it rightly should be, as it is a painting of the Prophet. However, somewhere down the line, there is a great chance that that painting will start to be treated like an idol. People will worship that painting, and pray to it as well, instead of praying solely to Allah, as is what we have been commanded to do. This is wrong for us. That is not what Islam asks us to do when we read the Shahadah, when we become Muslims, what we live our lives by. And therefore, we shall be sinning. To stop us from ever falling into that trap, it was made wrong for us to ever make a painting or drawing or sculpture, or any sort of likeness of the Prophet. He forbade it for that very reason in his lifetime, and we forbid it in our lifetimes as well. As for someone non-Muslim making drawings of the Prophet... all we ask is for you to respect him, and respect us. After doing that, do whatever you feel in your heart is right, and I don't think we could ask for much more.
little-frogy Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Great article brother^^ you have given a good explanation and logical reasons about this topic.(though I only had one thing to disagree) but great job:) jazak Allah :heart:
Irocyourworld Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010  Student Artist
This is soo true
People at Cadbury chocolates drew a picture of Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) and called him a terrorist so i beileve that Cadbury chcolates are not Halal

salma17 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing article! :D
kyoasema Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010  Student Writer
Assalamu alaikum
I like it :#1:
radical-rain Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010
I loved this article. I'm not muslim or middle-eastern, but I was born in the UAE. I have a lot of respect for Middle eastern people, their culture and their religions. Islam is a very peaceful and respectful religion as long as people don't misunderstand or take things out of context (ie. jihadist). The same goes for every religion.
my-art-is-me Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
salaam aleikum brother

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

article 1:"All human beings are born free and equal in DIGNITY and RIGHTS."
article 2:"Everyone is entitled to all rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration, without DISTINCTION OF ANY KIND."
article 3:"Everyone has the right to life, LIBERTY and security of person."
article 12:"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with their PRIVACY, family, home or correspondence, nor suffer attacks on their REPUTATION."
article 18:"Everyone has the right to FREEDOM of thought, conscience and RELIGION."

but tell me who, if ignoring and disrespecting their own man made rules (which are nice I admit) would respect ALLAH's laws...

ALLAH will be the judge. Remain patient inshaALLAH.

Asalaamu aleikum.
joeb1993 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010
Man's law > God's law.
Lindigaro-K Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with you, seeing as religion is the cause of most wars.

I would never in one-billion lifetimes follow 'law' made by some superstition (a religion), no matter how much 'evidence' there is. Especially not all this sexist bulls**t.
my-art-is-me Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010
Do you mean Man's law is superior to God's law? if that is the case then at least try to respect it.
wildpegasus13 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
As a caucasian friend to all people of all faiths, I understand and respect your beliefs and would never insult you with negative depictions of the Prophet. I think anyone who disrespects others because of a difference in faith or country of origin or skin color is really just frightened, because they fear what they don't understand. If they took the time to understand true Islam is a religion of peace they would not be afraid. Once you understand something, you will no longer be afraid of it. I am an athiest, but I think everyone is entitled to believe what they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. Know that there are many non-Muslims who stand beside you during these troubled times.
FullWhiteMoon Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010
thanks my friend. I agree with you. ignorance is the biggest enemy of mankind. we are born different, we live differently but we still can live together peacefully if only we try to understand each others. ^_^
wildpegasus13 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010
FullWhiteMoon Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010
even better. :D
GenMoonlight Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
This's really cool!
I hope Allah always gives you a favor in your life. :)
mariamukaji Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010  Student General Artist
mashallah this is a really good article :) may Allah reward your for your patience with the people who have been … posting unkind comments on here :)
Makiru-chan Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
I might not be a religious person, but I can at least respect other people and what they believe.
But hey, I learned something at least. ^^
quantum-force Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010  Student General Artist
You seem to be busy to do many things for Islam.
If I could suggest to you, don't do it to everyone like this. Let them come to you, because there'll be the ones who will just use it to go against you instead. True that this kind of thing spreads good, but it's still attracts arguments to go flaming against Islam. Not to forbid, but the ones that goes against you give some arguments that could make people interested in Islam turn down their interest. There's no "must-be" in converting, of course, but we want to spread good, so if people turn down their interest, then how can we spread it to them?

I'm not a religious one, so I actually don't even bother about this. If they want to let themselves lost in their question, it's their choice. If they look the answer in a wrong place, I'd be glad to help them made it clear.
But if they refuse, it's their own choice, I've done my best. I'm not someone who would ask others to convert, I respect people how and who they are, but only some that is worth to be really respected.

But then, man jadda wa jadda, I'll pray for your goodness ^^
FullWhiteMoon Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010
If I stay in my house and talk about my opinion in a low voice, what can I change? who will understand me if I keep being shy and afraid of others?
I am certainly not going everywhere to spread my opinion and faith. I made this article public just to let people think a little about the damage before they throw a bomb (insult). other than this, I prefer to express my opinion in my pages... ^_^

I know some people may disagree or may not like what I say. but it's my opinion after all and people can agree or disagree. pleasing people is not and will never be my goal... as long as I am not hurting others...

Peace be to you.
quantum-force Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010  Student General Artist
I see. Maybe it's just me that goes very annoyed when I tried to spread goodness but being returned by bashing instead. Whether it's me that do it wrong, or it's really them who don't like, it does affect me pretty well, and kinda rooted to me until now XD
My method is actually pretty simple, giving what's needed to the one who needs, because sometimes the audience would still be not taking it seriously, and just make fun of you. Sad, but that's how it is, whether they believe about it or not. Now that I think back, it's kinda funny how they make fun of a knowledge they would really need XD

I was once a so-called "bloodthirst", not really "blood", but back then I really have a big hunger for battles. It's a rough environtment, a very violent environtment. It wasn't really that much fun the first time, but looking by how many times I get involved, I started to enjoy it more, and end up with how I was. Now I just try to be much calmer, trying pretty hard to hold myself as much as I could, and only unleash it if it's necessary. Turns out to be a useful one, although it doesn't give me any honorable image. There's times where limit is exceeded, and action is needed ^^
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"Maybe it's just me that goes very annoyed when I tried to spread goodness but being returned by bashing instead."
some people find it hard to accept they are wrong. they choose the easiest way to deal with what you say:reject it.

...because sometimes the audience would still be not taking it seriously, and just make fun of you. Sad, but that's how it is, whether they believe about it or not...
true. but I believe there are a few people who may learn something or benefit from what I do. and that's enough. let's say the audience is 1000 persons. and what I do changes the minds of 1 person. it's already something, you know.

"I was once a so-called "bloodthirst", ...There's times where limit is exceeded, and action is needed ^^
I guess this is what we call learn from one's experience. when someone is younger, he wants to settle everything in the easiest way. but later, when he becomes more mature, he may even laugh at the way he handled things. this reminds me of a book called "how to make friends and affect people" by Dale Carnegie? have you read it?
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Hahah, funny you mention it, I'm actually dealing with someone(who I believe is not being serious) that keeps rejecting things and keep what they think it's right, while all I see is none of what he said makes any sense XD

It's kind of an old habit of mine, I guess. Sometimes I get mad to myself when I actually be able to do more, but I can only do little. True it's good enough if it give any effect even though it's small, but it's still hard to accept for me. I guess I should try to work harder, though XD

Yes, I believe it's some kind of growth that affects it. But sometimes I just can't help it if I did it 'childishly', still a main habit of mine, unfortunately. But the good thing is, I never did it if it's unnecessary, and always try to solve it without any harm from any way. I guess I ever heard that book, seen it, even. But I don't think I remember... I guess I'll try to look for it when I have time, it seems a rare book, though...
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"I'm actually dealing with someone that keeps rejecting things ... makes any sense XD"
I think trying to convince such people will be a waste of time. after all, you can't convince all people even when you are right and sometimes, they know you are right. but they don't want to admit it. people like to win (even in a simple conversation) and accepting your point of view may be considered losing by some people (only close-minded ones)

I sometimes I also don't feel good when I fail in convincing someone of something I am sure is right. maybe a little disappointed. but I prefer to forget it. especially when that person is stranger for me. I don't like to push and force my opinions on others. I try to explain. if they reject, I prefer to end it peacefully.

that book contains so many experiences of people dealing with other people. you can learn some tips in convincing people and more importantly, making them ready to accept your opinion. I highly recommand it for you if you like to argue and deal with people a lot (salesmen can benifit a lot from it as well)

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Well, yes, but people are different. Sometimes I feel like everytime I met them, whether they end up considering it or still rejecting, in the end, I learned a thing or two about them. It's a waste of time, but for me, it's a worth waste XD

You know what? I don't know if you see through what I've said to someone, but this part seems to be very matched with what I'm dealing currently. But just like what I've mentioned before, each person is different. The stubborn ones(or even flamers) are like a surprise box to me. What'll they answer? How are their way of thinking? Which way does the pattern goes? And all those questions keep clinging on my head and keep me continue what I did. In a glance, it's clear that I'm the one that's a pushover, but looking back, I'm not the one who start; I'm just like a fire that burns what exists XD

Interesting. Seems to be what I need, but I'm still not so sure to find it. I'll try to ask some bookstores if they had them~

Oh, yeah, did you still use this account or *Nayzak?
I hear you moved, yes, but it seems you're still using this account more than the new one..
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you can also find the e-book online.

I moved to the other account. but once in a few days, I visit this account to see if there is a message that needs reply or an important note. ^_^ who knows.

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